Taipei Overseas Peace Service, TOPS

The Thai-Chinese Refugee Service (TCRS) was established in 1980 in 
response to humanitarian crises took place in Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao. In 
1994, the Taipei Overseas Peace Service (TOPS) replaced the TCRS, as the sole 
overseas work team affiliated to the CAHR. Between 1980’s and 1990’s, TOPS had 
conducted several humanitarian assistances in Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Cambodia and Thailand respectively, in the wake of urgent and massive humanitarian violations. After such crises, TOPS undertook several long-term projects in those areas and helped local people carry out reconstruction works such as education implement, sanctuary, water protection, poverty eradication, 
empowerment and etc. TOPS currently focuses its works on humanitarian development at Thai-Burma Border, working with the UNHCR, the TBBC and other 
INGO to provide education and empowerment assistances to those refugees mostly fled from Burma. 
Besides the foreign humanitarian aids, the TOPS also put great amount of efforts to raise the awareness of international human rights understanding among Taiwan society. For example, TOPS, together with CAHR, urge the Government to legislate and enact the “International Bill of Human Rights” in Taiwan, and monitor its enforcements. In 2009, after the Government ratified the “International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights” and “International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights”, we then conducted related projects to monitor the Government’s practice. In addition, the TOPS encourages Taiwan authorities to play a more important rule in international refugee regime. Meanwhile, TOPS helps the Government draft the “refugee law” and we advocate initiating the “refugee council” among Taiwan civil society. In the future, TOPS will continue to carry out humanitarian works globally based on integrity, professional, humanity and the belief that every person in the world deserves a life with dignity.
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