International Headquarters S.A.R, Taiwan

International Headquarters S.A.R. Taiwan was established in 1981, the first non-governmental, volunteer-based search and rescue organization of its kind in Taiwan. Members of the organization include emergency response specialists and dedicated volunteers from retired military personnel, academics, and community groups.
International Headquarters S.A.R. Taiwan has ninety-seven local branches in Taiwan and two international search and rescue units (known as the International Search and Rescue Operations Taiwan).Relief missions involving earthquakes, mudslides, typhoons, flooding, air-sea and mountain rescues as well as drowning.
International Headquarters S.A.R. Taiwan, representing the goodwill of the people on Taiwan, is committed to life preservation and the deployment of all of its expertise and resources to support disaster relief missions across the boundaries of nation, religion, race, ethnicity, and political systems.

Address:NO.41, Hecheng Road, Bader City Taoyuan ,Taiwan