Eden Social Welfare Foundation


Ms. Liu Hsia, a female wheelchair writer suffering from rheumatic arthritis, witnessed the discrimination against people with disabilities in Taiwan. In response to God's calling and with a great love for the people with physical and mental disabilities, she decided to create a place where the disabled are truly cared for and loved - The Garden of Eden. She donated her income from publishing and initiated a group of Christians who shared her vision to bring people with disabilities out of their isolation. On December 1, 1982, Eden Social Welfare Foundation was founded to serve people with disabilities as well as other social-marginalized groups.
Eden has been providing "holistic care" for people between the age of 0 to 65, including vocational training, employment service, rehabilitation, early intervention, long-term care service, new immigrant service, and community reconstruction for disaster victims. Every effort is put together to ensure that our mission is carried on.
The history of Eden is closely linked to the development of disability rights in Taiwan. Based on our own service experience and learning from other countries, Eden has been actively advocating for the rights of people with disabilities in Taiwan. We have been pushing for the amendments to the Physically and Mentally Disabled Citizens Protection Act, raising public awareness to the need of special education, supporting the legislation of the Act for Social Workers, and advocating for professional certification system of social workers. 

Address:4F., No.6, Wanhe St., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City 11653, Taiwan (R.O.C.)