Established by Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation, Zhi-Shan Foundation Taiwan, Eden Social Welfare Foundation, and Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps, and Field Relief Agency of Taiwan in 2004, and registered in 2013, Taiwan AID (Taiwan Alliance in International Development) is a platform for Taiwan-based nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) with nearly 30 members working all over the world. Members are involved in various sectors, such as medical service, education, information, gender issues, emergency relief, community development, human trafficking, humanitarian assistance, and volunteer service.

Our Purpose/ Vision

Taiwan AID is an NGO platform with the aim of strengthening transparency, efficiency and cooperation among Taiwan-based NGOs involved in international humanitarian aid with the value of humanity, equality, justice, and sustainable development.

Our Mission

  1. Facilitate an interaction platform for international cooperation, such as seminar
  2. Facilitate capacity building to improve professional services
  3. Promote concept of international development through public education
  4. Advocate and facilitate international development policies
  5. Establish principles, ethics and regulations of international development and assistance
  6. Make other efforts in favor of international development