Overseas Medical Mission Center, Changhua Christian Hospital

CCH officially launched the overseas medical service and missionary with the core value of ‘SHARE’ which means Spirit, Health, Alliance, Resource and Education as well. Over years, CCH has established the good partnership with public sectors, national and international non-government organizations, academic institutes and private sectors to mobilize the resources from diverse collaborators to conduct the long-term and short-term medical service as well as missionary in order to match the Millenarian Development Goals in promoting the sustainable health care in developing countries. The foot printings of CCH overseas medical teams covered Africa, Asia, South Pacific and Caribbean regions which included Swaziland, Sao Tome and Principe, Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand, St. Vincent and St. Lucia as well. 

In order to strengthen the health care technologies and share the new knowledge of health promotion, CCH hosted medical staffs and/or pastors from developing countries and designed short-term training courses based on their needs. Over 60 medical personnel from Africa, South Pacific, Asia and Caribbean regions had visited CCH for one to three months training in the fields of hospital management, patient care, nursing care, medical laboratory, pediatrics, biomedical engineering etc. Additionally, CCH also link the academic institutes to do survey/researches during service. In 2011, CCH cooperated with National Taiwan University to conduct the diabetes medical geographic mapping program in St. Lucia. According to the collected survey data, the first geographic map in diabetes in St. Lucia was published.

Address:135 Nan-Hsiao Street, Changhua 500, TAIWAN 
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