Zhi-Shan Foundation TAIWAN

Zhi-Shan Foundation, began in 1995, is one of Taiwan’s most successful non-governmental organizations engaged in long term humanitarian international aid and development work.
Our motto is: Respect for cultural differences and love without borders.
We also hope that by bringing together grassroots power to aid the development of disadvantaged areas, we can create a world of benevolence and compassion.
Our specialized features the following:
  1. Promote international humanity relief work with the conviction that love transcends all borders.
  2. Use community development as our measure to ensure the communities’ everlasting progress.
  3. Recreate the local human and natural resource as the prerequisite to foster self-sufficiency.
The objects of ZSF’s service at present include children in Central Vietnam, school aged minority tribes girls in Yun-Nan Province, China and the aboriginal areas of Taiwan.

Address: 5F, No. 126, Kunming Street, Taipei City 10854, Taiwan
Email: zhishan@zhi-shan.org