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About Us


Registered in 2013, Taiwan Alliance in International Development (Taiwan AID) is a nationwide registered non-governmental organization (NGO) and the first NGO platform dedicated to international development and relief in Taiwan. Our primary goals include fostering international connections, enhancing the quality of international development and relief, advocating for policies related to international development and public education. We have nearly 30 Taiwan-based NGOs as members, with projects spanning across five continents. Our members are actively involved in education, healthcare, poverty alleviation, social welfare, gender equality, humanitarian assistance, international volunteering, informational technology, climate change, and renewable energy.



Our Purpose and Vision


Taiwan AID is an NGO platform with the aim of strengthening transparency, efficiency and cooperation among Taiwan-based NGOs involved in international humanitarian aid with the value of humanity, equality, justice, and sustainable development.


Our Missions


Guided by values of humanitarianism, fairness, justice, and sustainable development, uphold principles of accountability, transparency, and effectiveness, we aim to collaborate with governments, businesses, and civil society to establish sincere partnerships, jointly promote international humanitarian assistance and sustainable development, embodying "Taiwan can help."


Our Works


  • Facilitate an interaction platform for international cooperation, such as seminar
  • Facilitate capacity building to improve professional services
  • Promote concept of international development through public education
  • Advocate and facilitate international development policies
  • Establish principles, ethics and regulations of international development and assistance
  • Make other efforts in favor of international development