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Organizational Structure

(From August 2022 to August 2025)


Ms. Rebecca King-Ying WANG(Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation)


Board of Directors:

Mr. Chih-Chieh (Jay) HUNG(Zhi-Shan Foundation)

Dr. Nina Hsiao Ling KAO (Overseas Medical Mission Center of Changhua Christian Hospital)

Mr. Yen-Ching YEN(International Headquarters S.A.R, Taiwan)

Mr. Klaus DING(Vision YouthAction )

Mr. Shih-Tien HSU(Landseed Cultural & Educational Foundation)

Mr. Jian CAO(Eden Social Welfare Foundation)

Mr. Kevin CHEN (One-Forty)

Mr. Guo-Zheng YANG (Good Neighbors)



Board of Supervisors:

Ms. Sally YU (Formosa Budding Hope Association)

Ms. Yi-Ling CHEN (ECPAT Taiwan)

Ms. Irene CHEN(Fubon Cultural & Educational Foundation)