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Formosa Budding Hope Organization: A Hundred Volunteers Bring Love to Siem Reap Province, Cambodia

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Formosa Budding Hope Organization: A Hundred Volunteers Bring Love to Siem Reap Province, Cambodia

The Formosa Budding Hope Organization is a non-profit organization that has been deeply rooted in Cambodia for many years. Since 2010, it has been serving the local community for nine years, organizing a total of 25 sessions of the "Love Without Borders" medical mission. The latest mission took place from March 2 to 3 in the Hope Seed Park located in Da Wu County, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia, providing free medical services in family medicine, pediatrics, surgery, traditional Chinese medicine, and dentistry. Over the course of two days, the mission served a total of 2,342 people.

The medical mission also invited Sou Sovouth, an advisor to the Cambodian Ministry of Interior, and Mr. Chung Wen-Cheng, Director of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Ho Chi Minh City, to participate. The mission gathered Taiwanese physicians, dentists, nurses, volunteers, and students from two renowned high schools in Taiwan—Taipei Jianguo High School and Taipei Zhongshan Girls High School—to serve as international volunteers. Additionally, medical personnel from the North American Taiwanese Medical Association and the Kinetic Charity Foundation traveled from the United States to participate. A total of 154 people joined the medical mission, bringing with them 4,000 kilograms of donated supplies and distributing 1,000 packages of rice, instant noodles, and seasoning supplies to local impoverished families. Special thanks go to JS Company, the Cooperative Bank Phnom Penh Branch, the Cambodia Huangpu Alumni Association, TK Royal One, and other entities for supporting the rice donation drive. This effort ensured that impoverished families received medical services and essential supplies to help alleviate hunger.

In the hot and remote areas, the waiting area was crowded with villagers and children in need of medical care, all eager to enter the consultation area. For many, this might be their only chance to see a doctor for a long time. Although medical care at provincial hospitals in the city is free for Cambodia's poor, the high transportation costs from rural areas to the city deter many villagers from seeking medical help. The Taiwan Hope Seed Association's medical mission provides the most immediate medical care to these remote areas. For villagers requiring long-term follow-up, the association also assists them in accessing provincial hospitals for further medical tracking. The association has planned comprehensive medical support to assist the rural villagers and children in Cambodia.

Advisor Sou Sovouth of the Ministry of Interior said, "Thank you to the Formosa Budding Hope Organization for the resources and services provided to the rural areas of Cambodia. Not only in Da Wu County, Siem Reap Province, but also in other rural provinces. Over the past nine years, they have helped three Cambodian children receive medical treatment in Taiwan, all successfully returning to Cambodia. The selfless dedication and contributions of the Formosa Budding Hope Organization are well-recognized locally. I wish this medical mission great success, benefiting more rural people in Cambodia."

Mr. Chung Wen-Cheng, Director of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Ho Chi Minh City, said, "The Taiwan Hope Seed Association has been deeply rooted in Cambodia for nine years, providing children's education, vocational training, and medical missions to rural residents. This passion and dedication move us greatly. We will continue to support and bring in more resources to Cambodia and other New Southbound Policy countries, realizing the concept of global village resource sharing."

The Executive Director of the Formosa Budding Hope Organization said, "We have been carefully assessing the needs of rural areas in Cambodia to provide the most substantial services over the past nine years. I want to thank everyone, every company that has supported Hope Seed, and the Cambodian local government for their support and recognition. The achievements of the Taiwan Hope Seed Association today result from collective efforts. In the future, Hope Seed will continue to promote more beneficial service programs in rural Cambodia, continuing to deepen our roots in Cambodia, and benefiting more children and villagers in rural areas."

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