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International Headquarters S.A.R, Taiwan Rescue Team in Turkey

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International Headquarters S.A.R, Taiwan Rescue Team in Turkey


On Feburary 6th, a powerful earthquake struck Turkey and the near Syria border. The number of casualties has now reached over 450 thousands. Besides the victims, nearly 260 thosands of household were destroyed, and there are still people missing in the area. International Headquarters S.A.R, Taiwan, one of the memberships of TaiwanAid, quickly sent a rescue team of 21 people to Turkey and provided disaster relief and rescue. 

After 10 days, the rescue team successfully came back to Taiwan with no causalty. Leader Liu also mentioned that the residents there were all very kind and helpful to them. Even though they have many family members missing, they were still very eager to help the team perform the resuce. 

We truly appreciate all the dedication and hard work of the International Headquarters S.A.R, Taiwan. They not only serve as a rescue team, but also show the world again how Taiwan can help in regarding internatoinal development. TaiwanAid will continue to support these iNGOs and together we can make the world a better place to live.