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Landseed Health Care Chitwan Perform Free Clinic Services in Nepal

Members' Activies
Landseed Health Care Chitwan Perform Free Clinic Services in Nepal

The Landseed Cultural and Educational Foundation, under the Landseed International Hospital, has been dedicated to providing free medical services to Nepal for fifteen years, including stationary and mobile medical services in mountainous areas. After a three-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, free medical charity clinics resumed in September and December 2022. The charity team traveled to Jugedi to Kabilash mountainous areas to help local residents with skin allergies, eczema, head lice, arthritis, and other issues. At the same time, the Landseed International Hospital charity team also collaborated with Kavilash Secondary School and the Puxin Rotary Club in Taiwan to provide free nutritional lunch programs and assist local teachers with training in nutrition, first aid, and agricultural techniques, hoping to generate income through planting to solve the problems of children dropping out of school and malnutrition due to hunger.  


The relationship between the Landseed Cultural and Educational Foundation and Nepal dates back to 2006 when a group of graduate students and teachers from the National Sports College wanted to help children in the Himalayan region have equal educational opportunities. Since then, a fifteen-year charity journey began, and in 2014, the " Landseed Health Care Chitwan" was established in the Chitwan District of Nepal. This is the 62nd charity team to depart after the pandemic, with team members including photographers, volunteers, anchors, accompanying doctors, nurses, and specialist nurses. This action not only reflects the volunteers' loving dedication but also embodies the harsh geographical environment of Nepal. Accessing medical care and prenatal examinations is challenging, especially for expectant mothers in remote areas who find it difficult to obtain timely follow-up and care. 


Taiwan AID is very glad to see members such as Landseed Culutural and Edcational Foundation to have a positive impact on Nepal. In the following year, we will continue to actively play the role of assistant in helping organizations to perform international aid for those in need.